We play it safe so you can play to win.

SafeStop Barriers

img_race_safety_inset_1Our super-durable track barriers are designed to function in unison with the wraparound system of our Sodi & Bandit karts. The karts slide freely along the barriers, reducing damage and virtually eliminating the risk of rollover.

Safety Briefing

img_race_safety_inset_2Before you step into a kart, you’ll receive a 10-minute briefing about safety and track rules. Just as it is with the pros, a good, fast ride is first and foremost a safe one.

Sodi “HEAD System”

img_race_safety_inset_1With the adoption of the new “HEAD System” (a patented high energy absorption system which offers levels of security and comfort that had been previously unattainable in rental karts), the superb base entirely covering the tank (protecting the driver’s legs) and its patented pedals that are fully adjustable in ultra-quick time, Sodi karts are the safest karts you could ever drive.


  • Drivers must wear flat, closed toe shoes. No flip flops or sandals.
  • Shorts and pants are best for racing. Skirts or dresses are not recommended.
  • No hats of any kind.
  • Absolutely no scarves or loose clothing allowed on the track for any reason.
  • Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back into a ponytail and tucked into your shirt.