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Entertainment redefined in 7D

Here at Andretti Karting, we believe go big or go home when it comes to entertainment. That’s why we now have the first and only XD Dark Ride 7D interactive movie experience in Georgia. You’ve experienced 3D, maybe even 4D, but how about mind blowing 7D?! The XD Dark Ride features intense motion, stunning 3D graphics and amazing special effects. Up to eight riders at a time compete against each other for the highest score using their laser blasters to battle on-screen enemies. You’ll literally feel like you’re inside the action! The Dark Ride experience is approximately 5 minutes in length. Riders must be at least 40″ tall. One experience is $4.95 for a MEMBER and $5.95 for a NON-MEMBER. Find out more about all the savings you can get with an Andretti VIP Membership HERE!


How will you fare in the Zombie Apocalypse? Find out as you blast away at blood thirsty zombies in a battle for survival and all humankind! This movie might be a little scarier for younger children.


Los Banditos

The Mad Scientist has created an army of robot cowboys and is trying to take over the Old West! Can you defeat him? Appropriate for all ages.


The city is under siege. Embark on a wild chase while fighting reptilian monsters! This movie might be a little scarier for younger children.